About HiSA

Welcome to the High Speed Aerodynamic (HiSA) solver. The solver is a C++ based tool for computing compressible transonic and supersonic flow. HiSA was developed to provide users with an efficient and robust aerodynamic toolset that can be extended to model a wide range of physics. The solver was originally developed at the Aeronautic Systems Competency Area of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa in collaboration with Flamengro, a division of Armscor. Although the members of the development team have since moved on to other institutions, we continue to maintain the code as an open source project, and we encourage quality contributions to the code.

Some of the current capabilities of HiSA include:

  • Assembling of a coupled system for the construction of an implicit matrix system
  • GMRES solver with LU-SGS preconditioning for the efficient solution of the coupled system
  • A selective range of shock capturing schemes
  • ALE formulation for moving meshes
  • Improved coupling algorithm for FSI problems
  • Characteristic boundary conditions for non-reflective farfield and reflective walls
  • Local timestepping to improve steady state convergence
  • Improved stability on lower quality meshes, including high aspect ratio cells
  • Effective handling of multiple regions
  • Quadratic modal solid modelling

Getting started

To get started have a look under DOWNLOAD to obtain the link to the Git repository that contains the HiSA source code. The ARCHIVE section documents the verification and validation of HiSA with standard test cases to give an overview of fidelity of the solver. For the user's guide and other background information, see the DOCUMENTATION section.