Installation guide

HiSA is developed using OpenFOAM® technology, and we aim to keep the code maintained to compile on the latest OpenCFD and OpenFOAM Foundation distributions. Instructions for installation under Linux and Windows are given on the respective websites. The BlueCFD-Core project is also supported for compilation on Windows.

At present, regular testing is performed using the OpenCFD distribution only; therefore, the tutorial cases might need minor modifications for compatibility with the Foundation distribution. Likewise, while we endeavour to retain backward compatibility of the code with older versions of OpenFOAM, the tutorial cases might require some input format modifications to run.

Once OpenFOAM is successfully installed, the code can be cloned or downloaded from the gitlab project page and built using the Allwmake script.

A customised version of the mesh generator cfMesh is also supplied. This makes it possible to run adaptive mesh refinement on meshes generated with the cartesianMesh utility and is required in order to run the AGARD 445.6 validation case. The code is available from its gitlab project page and is also built using the Allwmake script.

The FreeCAD CfdOF workbench can be used as a GUI for HiSA.

Testing and release

The code is periodically tested against the verification and validation archive described in the ARCHIVE section. We aim to do this for each new OpenFOAM release. This process consumes significant computing resources and is made possible by the Centre for High Performance Computing, South Africa. We gratefully acknowledge their support.

Centre for High Performance Computing

The testing history of the code is as follows:

Date OpenFOAM version HiSA version Git Tag
10 July 2021 20 12 1.4.6 validated-v2012
29 October 2021 21 06 1.4.8 validated-v2106
28 March 2022 21 12 1.6.4 validated-v2112

The code repository conforms to the following structure:

Branch master Contains the latest validated version of the code, together with simple bug fixes where there is little chance of a negative impact on code validation. This branch can be considered a 'rolling release'.
Branch devel Contains new developments, as well as bug fixes which might have unexpected side-effects. These are queued for testing during the next run of the validation test suite. As such this branch is not fully tested, but allows access to the newest updates.
Branch (others) Contain new features under development which may not be in a working state.
Tags validated-vXXXX When the code is successfully run through the validation database, the exact commit is tagged in the interests of reproducibility. Here, XXXX contains the OpenFOAM version that was used.

In addition, the HiSA version number is available by executing hisa -version


This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, producer and distributor of the OpenFOAM software via, and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks.